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The Thai word phansa refers to a period of three months in the rainy season during which time Buddhist monks are obliged to stay at one particular temple. They are not permitted to stay overnight at any other temple during this period which coincides with the rice-planting season and which sees farmers produce verdant green crops. If monks are outside of their temple during this period, they may inadvertently step on the rice sprouts that have been planted, resulting in a loss of crops. (Khao phansa means ‘rain retreat’ or ‘Buddhist Lent’.) Khao phansa has taken place since the time of the Lord Buddha.
When monks stop their travels during the Buddhist Lent period they have time to study, and they especially like to read. The best time for reading and memorising is during the night, which is a peaceful, quiet time during which it is easy to concentrate. In the past, when there was no electricity, monks used to light candles whilst they were reading. When the villagers realised this, they made candles to present to the monks, especially for presentation on Khao Phansa Day, a day on which the monks would receive even more merit than usual. Merit in this case means that the lives of those who present candles will be happy, healthy, enlightened and not gloomy. In other words, they will be people with wisdom, knowledge and perception, equivalent to the English word ‘bright’. The presentation of candles to monks on Khao Phansa Day is a Buddhist tradition which began in ancient times and still continues today. However, present-day villagers tend to give electric light bulbs or fluorescent tubes as they are brighter than candles, are easier to use, and are more convenient, and the monks still receive the same amount of merit.
Accordingly, N. C. R. Rubber Industry Co., Ltd arranged "Candle Festival 2015" by offering candles and light bulbs to make our employees intelligent and witty similar to the lighting of candles at Chai Chana Song Kram temple on 27th July 2015.



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